Test Your Ability to Optimize Provider Contract Savings

Today’s complex provider contracts make it difficult to find and unlock medical cost savings. We created the following challenge to test your skills at identifying contracts to target for savings.

Take the Challenge

Below are four sets of contracts. In each set, select the contract option that offers the greatest savings potential. After choosing your four options, select “Submit” to see how well you did.

Hospital Inpatient

  1. Switch 2 hospitals from 70% of billed charges to per diem
  1. Switch 3 hospitals from per diem to DRG

Hospital Care Quality

  1. Reduce payment for hospital acquired infections by 35% in 4 hospitals
  1. Establish $10,000 minimum for high-cost drugs in 5 Hospitals

Ambulatory Care

  1. Reprice ambulatory surgery claims to contracted rates
  1. Eliminate payments for MRIs in 5 hospital outpatient settings


  1. Contract with out of network anesthesiologists
  1. Switch 3 cardiologists to 120% of Medicare from 135%